Board Meeting Minutes


Our School Board draws from the best local civic and community leaders. They volunteer their time and energy to ensure students at Linwood Public Charter School receive the best education and resources possible.


Board Agenda


JUL 2021 JUL Agenda JUL Minutes
AUG 2021 AUG Agenda AUG Minutes
SEP 2021 SEP Agenda SEP Minutes
OCT 2021 OCT Agenda OCT Minutes
NOV 2021 NOV Agenda NOV Minutes
DEC 2021 DEC Agenda DEC Minutes
JAN 2022 JAN Agenda JAN Minutes
FEB 2022 FEB Agenda FEB Minutes
MAR 2022 MAR Agenda MAR Minutes
APR 2022 APR Agenda APR Minutes
MAY 2022 MAY Agenda MAY Minutes
JUN 2022 JUN Agenda JUN Minutes
JUL 2022 JUL Agenda JUL Minutes
AUG 2022 AUG Agenda


The Board meetings are held once a month at LPCS in the Auditorium.
Mail can be retrieved at the school or at the P.O. Box listed below.
Please contact Mr. Gard Wayt for any questions.

Shreveport Charter Schools Inc.

P.O. Box 101

Shreveport, La. 71161


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