Our History & Mission

Linwood Public Charter School (LPCS) is a tuition-free, college-preparatory public charter school serving students in grades Pre K–8th. The school was taken over by the Recovery School District (RSD), a special school district run by the Louisiana Department of Education that works to transform under-performing schools in Louisiana. LPCS opened in August 2009 and currently serves 1,000+ students in grades Pre K–8th.

LPCS provides students with a rigorous curriculum based on world-class standards that are tailored and aligned to meet the Louisiana Content Standards as well as LEAP and iLEAP test requirements. The curriculum is sufficiently broad to allow students the opportunity to study a range of subjects including English, mathematics, science, history/social studies, music, art, health, P.E., and information technology. Particular emphasis is given to English and math, as these subjects are the building blocks for understanding and exploring other subjects.

In its third year of operation, LPCS has continued to make solid academic gains. The school’s 8th graders made double-digit gains in all subjects including English Language Arts, math, science and social studies on the Spring 2012 LEAP. LPCS 8th graders outperformed their peers in other middle schools as well as the RSD direct-run school in Caddo Parish. They also outperformed the mean scores of their peers in RSD Louisiana schools.

The mission of Linwood Public Charter School (LPCS) is to be a provider of top-quality education to a highly diverse student body. LPCS will prepare all students for success in college, equip them with the ability and desire for lifelong learning, and strengthen their civic, ethical, and moral values. LPCS will maintain high standards of efficiency and accountability throughout its operation.

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