REGISTRATION: Port City Parent Expo

Linwood Public Charter School is currently sponsoring a parent expo. Please register using the online form below.

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Details: Session Descriptions & Presenters (CLICK HERE)


Session 1: Children & the Law

This session will provide parents with the basic knowledge of laws governing school attendance, discipline, custody, child neglect and abuse as well as other topics related to parenting.


Session 2: Parenting 101: Structure, Routines, & Consistency

The aim of this course is understanding how structure, routines, and consistency are essential concepts to effective parenting. We will explore the strong links between these concepts and achieving success not only in the home but also in life.


Session 3: Minding Your Money: Home Budgeting and Finances

In this course attendees will receive financial information pertaining to creating a home budget, managing home finances, credit scores, and how to repair your credit.


Session 4: How To Start A Business

Attendees will be presented basic information to consider when trying to start a new business.


Session 5: Single Parenting

In this course, attendees will learn first-hand from a mother and grandmother who successfully raised five children alone after the death of her husband.


Session 6: Co-Parenting

This panel is composed of four parents who are currently engaged in healthy co-parenting relationships. They will discuss ways they have managed their relationships to meet the needs of their children and positively impact their future.


Details: Session Descriptions & Presenters (CLICK HERE)

Thank you for your time. We look forward to seeing you!

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