Dear LPCS Community,

Welcome to the new school year! As the new Director at LPCS, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and share our mission for this academic year and beyond.

Since arriving at LPCS, I have been truly amazed by the school’s commitment to providing our students with a top-quality education that puts them on the right path. Our students are making significant progress and improving their performance on state exams. However, we should not rest on our laurels. We will continue to pursue all avenues, keeping no stone unturned, on our journey to success.

At LPCS, every single person is responsible for the success of our school. It has been a pleasure to meet the dedicated LPCS staff and I look forward to working alongside them this academic year.  I also look forward to meeting all our parents.  Parents are an important part of the formula for success for every child, so I strongly urge you to be active members of the LPCS community and stay up-to-date with all the information that the school shares with you throughout the year.

LPCS is an excellent school with a strong faculty and wonderful students. I look forward to this school year with excitement and anticipation. By working together – students, teachers, parents, and community – we can make this year a great one for every child.



Staughton Jennings, Ed.D


Linwood Public Charter School

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